About The Viewfinder, LLC | Video Production - Boise, ID

Our Mission: To be of service to our community by helping local business increase brand awareness with engaging and compelling high quality video at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on recognizing our clients’ strengths, and building on them. To identifying their needs, and provide solutions that generate an emotional response which impacts sales conversions, increases brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Our Vision: To give back to the community through our direct involvement with nonprofits, startups, small business and large business alike. With our talent and wisdom we will help whenever and wherever we can. We recognize traditional jobs are disappearing at an alarming rate creating many opportunities for people to start their own businesses. As a growing small business, we know the struggles involved in making a business work. With the assistance of video, we want to help local business grow.


Today, its obvious that video is the most powerful form of content on the Internet today. Video can improve visitor engagement, which leads to more conversions and sales. In 2015, a massive 81% of people feature their video on their website. Do you?

If not, its time to get started

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